I believe that every individual has the ability to make positive changes in their lives that result in achieving what they want and may have never thought possible. Counseling is a powerful tool that can help clients determine the “why” behind their behavior and is a tool for exploring different ways to cope. I tailor my counseling approach to each individual client I work with, as there is no “one size fits all” prescription.
Adolescence can be an exciting but scary time in our lives. Preteens and teens are figuring out who they are while also facing pressure from peers, parents, and authority figures. I offer teens a safe space away from these outside influences. As a counselor, I offer both a listening ear and an opportunity to collaborate. As we grow older, we are filled to the brim with new information daily, especially in this time of technology and social media. Counseling is an excellent place to untangle and make sense of all of this information.

Behavior Problems/ODD
Adolescence can be hard and often times unhealthy ways of coping with difficult and intense emotions and situations are learned. Counseling is a tool that can help teens find new coping skills and assist in discovering the “why” behind their harmful behavior.

Body Positivity/HAES
I am an advocate for the Body Positivity Movement. This means I value body diversity and honor differences in size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, religion, class, and other human attributes. I believe all individuals have a right to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies. One way to begin working towards achieving this is challenging and/or reframing societal norms. Body Positivity is a mindset that is appropriate for all ages.

Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Studies with a minor in Drug and Alcohol

Master of Science in Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (TX #82946)

       Meet Sarah!

Sarah Gillespie, MS, LPC Associate, is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Texas (TX #82946), under the supervision of Kacy Flanagan (TX #19255). She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Studies with a minor in Drug and Alcohol at the University of North Texas and her Master of Science degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University. Sarah is a member of the Texas Counseling Association.

Although experienced in working with all ages, I am particularly passionate about working with adolescents. I have experience working within the juvenile justice system where I cultivated skills related to behavior issues and oppositional defiant disorder. I provide a safe space for clients away from the pressures they face daily. Having a neutral party who lends a listening ear and is available to collaborate with can be of great benefit to adolescents as they navigate a challenging time in their life.

  • Member of Texas Counseling Association
  • Trained in “Children in the Middle” curriculum

  • Trained in “Healthy Expressions” anger management curriculum for adult and teen versions

“You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein