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You have already made the first step by starting your research to find the best fit for your needs, so we are honored you have chosen to visit our site!

Deciding to begin counseling takes courage as it shows a desire and a hope for change. When you are struggling, it is easy to lose hope and facing change can be scary and overwhelming. We understand that change is difficult and often uncomfortable. Just as our name represents (Spero meaning hope in Latin), Spero Counseling Services is dedicated to inspire growth and hope back into your life.

We are aware and sensitive to different values, faiths, traditions, lifestyles and cultures. Our goal is that you will gain hope for the future, be able to fully enjoy life and reach your full potential. We invite you to read About Us to learn more about our expertise and who may be the best fit for you and/or your family. We look forward to talking with you and welcome any questions that you might have about the counseling process.

Play Therapy Plano

Why Play Therapy?

Children communicate differently than adults and often express their feelings most clearly through art and play. These approaches to therapy are used as a means for working with children who don’t yet have the language skills to express their thoughts and emotions clearly and verbally.

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Individual Counseling

Since our own wellbeing is directly connected to our roles in relationships, individual counseling can also work to improve communication skills, develop new coping skills, and build healthy relationships, We are dedicated to work together to identify what interferes with living the life you want and how to move forward with a more fulfilled and joyful life.

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Individual Counseling Plano