“Healthy Expressions”                                  

  A course in anger management

Have you ever said something in anger that you couldn’t take back? Acted out in a way that you weren’t proud of? Have difficulty expressing your feelings when in a heighten state of emotion? If so, “Healthy Expressions” may be a course for you!

Anger is often a secondary emotion. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you look past the anger, you will more than likely see there are many other emotions that are felt. Some common emotions are feeling unheard, unappreciated, disrespected, and hurt. It also could be a sense of injustice and/or unfairness. When this happens, anger is the go-to emotion and these primary emotions are not communicated effectively and therefore unheard. In this 6 week course we focus on creating a better understanding of emotions and how to more effectively express them.

About the course: This group will meet 2 hours per session for six weeks, a total of 12 hours in Anger Management training. You will learn to understand your anger, manage this emotion, and ultimately express anger more effectively. You will learn that there is no shame in feeling anger, and you will learn how to express it in a healthy manner so no one is hurt by your emotions.


  • Gain a better understanding of underlying emotions to anger
  • Enhance awareness of unhelpful thinking styles that contribute to anger
  • Improve awareness of anger styles
  • Gain communication strategies to more effectively express emotions
  • Implement coping strategies for managing emotions
  • Identify self care techniques and coping skills to manage emotions


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